Home Alone Isn’t Fun For Anybody!

Dogs are thinking animals. That is why it is so easy to anthropomorphise them. That is what causes us to acclaim their cleverness. That is what leads them to be bored and ‘get up to mischief’.

Dogs left at home alone will seek entertainment and very often find the wrong things to do and to chew. This means that they are in trouble and now have stress added to the problem of boredom.
Here are a few ideas to assist you in alleviating your dog’s boredom while you are out and about.

Leave your dog interesting items to chew, such as dog bones, hooves or raw hide ‘chewies’. You can stuff either cheese or meat spread, peanut butter or dog cubes into bones, inner toilet rolls, hooves, congs, old milk bottles and other toys found at your local vet. Ask your vet what they recommend for chewing and entertainment for your particular dog.

Take your dog for a daily walk and teach him to retrieve for exercise and extra interest. Walking your dog gives him a chance to get out, read ‘p-mails’ and perhaps socialise with other dogs. Tug-o-war and hide-n-seek are great games to play with your dog at home, even on a rainy day.

For the gardener-dog, make a digging pit and hide some toys in the pit to make it interesting for your dog to dig there. Tie a rope to a tree for your dog to pull on. The rope can be made more enticing by tying an old toy to it.

Lay a trail, hide some toys or use a combination of these when you leave for work in the morning. Before you get yourself ready for work or in the evening when you return home, do a little fun training.

Ensure that the toys you give are safe and not the same every day. Be creative and help alleviate your dog’s boredom so that he can be better behaved.