Hobby Day at New Hanover Prep

Karl Meisegeier practicing before their Ultimate Frisbee match. Emily Napier about to enjoy a taste of her quick microwave cup-cake during her baking hobby. Liam Freese sands the chassis of his wooden car on the desk belt sander. Daniel Jonck doing some video editing. Michael Nell learns how to do the rope trick during the Magic & Illusions hobby activity. Grace Hough was very excited to learn how to do scrap-booking.

Kids need at least one interest outside school. Having a hobby helps them relax and get away from the routines of school, which is good for their mental health. At New Hanover Prep we have found that children’s confidence and self-esteem can grow and bloom when they find the right hobby
Our Hobbies day at New Hanover Prep provided an ideal opportunity for all the children to be exposed to a wide variety of different hobbies. The children got to choose from at least twelve hobbies and could attend two different sessions. The hobbies on offer included Video Editing, Woodworking, Geocaching, Magic, Card Making, Mountain Bike Riding, Music and Rhythm, Board Games, Ultimate Frisbee, Baking, Scrapbooking and Drama.