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Hilton College: Golf Clinic – Don Gammon visits Hilton

The Hilton College Golf Club has had the great privilege of having Don Gammon, from Ultra Simple Golf fame, out for two days doing a coaching clinic for the boys. Twenty of these boys will leave on the 25th of March to Thailand to participate in the World Schools’ Golf Challenge. Don spent the afternoon not only helping the odd problematic swing, but refining many of the fantastic swings the boys already possess.

Don spent many years on the Pro circuits around the world and Don and his father Muss Gammon are two of the best known golf teachers in South Africa. His expertise was very well received by the boys, his vast knowledge of course management and how to plot your way around the course was enlightening.

Don is a very humble man with a passion for junior golfers, and even spoke about how willing he was for the boys to use him as a resource, he is happy to receive emailed video’s, analyze them and send back drills and fixes. A great offer indeed! He has also spent time with the other golfers, non-touring, and assisted them with their swings.

Don will be at school on Thursday for the second instalment of the clinic. Thank you so much to Dave Woollam for arranging these clinics and to Mr Gammon for giving up his valuable time to coach our boys.