The Hilton Community Security Initiative (HCSi)

The Hilton Community Security initiative (HCSi) is a community driven and funded project to pro-actively combat the scourge of crime in the area.

The purpose of the HCSi is to:
• Assess and utilise technology and Social Media to facilitate real-time communication between residents for any crime/security-specific information;
• Adopt a pro-active and holistic approach to crime reduction and security issues affecting Hilton residents, facilitating discussion forums and interaction between residents, the HCPF, Hilton SAPS, armed response companies and other relevant role-players;
• Assess and implement pro-active neighbourhood patrols (currently Bobbies-on-the-Beat, under review, depending on funding and requirements). At present this program covers seven designated areas within Greater Hilton and consists of regular patrols in the different areas by Residential Guards either on foot or bicycles, supported by a dedicated Patrol vehicle;
• Assess the viability of surveillance cameras in strategic locations where feasible and beneficial.
• Erect, where feasible, fences to prevent criminals easy access routes into residential areas. To date over 400 metres of fencing have been erected.

It is essential for the HCSi to further develop to pro-actively deal with rising incidents of crime. To achieve this substantially greater support is required from residents. Low crime levels in the recent past have seen membership declining and current membership numbers provide insufficient funding to sustain this initiative and allow it to grow.

Crime is now on the increase again, and it is IMPERATIVE we reverse this trend.

• Support us on Saturday 5 April at The Quarry Centre Market day, where HCSi representatives will be available to discuss the program in greater detail;
• Join the program – contact 076 790 6311 for more details;
• Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter @TheHiltonCSi

Without sufficient community support and involvement, the current community crime management program will unfortunately have to be dissolved by August this year – however we simply CANNOT allow this to happen.