Herbs for Health – Di Aldworth

Many children have problems sleeping, as do their parents.
Can it be too much stimulation before bedtime, or because of illness, and for older folk, pain?

Linda W has this problem:
Dear Diane,
I have enjoyed your articles this year, are you going to put them together in a booklet?
Please let us know if you do. My problem is that I have a 4 year old who does not get to sleep before 11 pm and then is grumpy when he needs to get up for pre-school in the morning.
I don’t want to medicate him, can you suggest anything?

Hi there Linda,
Not knowing your usual bedtime routine it is difficult to know what to suggest that you have not already tried, so I will give you my options.

Does he have a ‘quiet-time’/sleep at school? If this is during the afternoon, it might be as simple as asking that he does not actually get to sleep? Difficult, as the school will have its own routines.

When he gets home, try and keep him active until supper and bedtime, so that he is ready to sleep when he should.
Add the following;
LAVENDER OIL DROPS – 5 drops in bathwater and on pillow before bed, you can also give him a gentle back rub. Read a pleasant, happy story, even if his favourites are ‘Transformers’ and ‘the Hulk’

Give him a 1 /3 cup CAMOMILE / LEMON BALM TEA 1/ 2 Tsp HONEY ( 1/ 4 Tsp dried herb each in boiled water, allow to cool) an hour before bed IF HE HAS AN ALLEGY TO THE DAISY FAMILY DO NOT USE THIS RECIPE – RATHER THE FOLLOWING ONE

You should be able to get the tea at a good Health shop.
CALIFORNIA POPPY TEA – 1 /4cup x 2 daily

I do hope this helps, it is a matter of finding what works and sticking to it, until the routine is set.
Yours in herbs,
Diane Aldworth