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Dear Di,

Thank you for your column, I have always had an interest in herbs and natural remedies so I am hoping you can advise me. My 5 year old daughter suffers with travel sickness, even if we do a short trip. We are going to Cape Town in May but I am worried that it will be upsetting for her, even if we fly.
Thanks, GvdM

Hi G,
Travel sickness is sensitivity to the constant passive movement while in a vehicle, boat or plane and can be most upsetting. Even at my age, I am not a good passenger and find I have to plan a journey.
If your daughter is feeling anxious because she is expecting to feel sick on the journey, give her cooled LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis) or CHAMOMILE (Matricaria recutita)TEA with a little honey added. Half a cup before travelling will calm her, and her tummy. You can also take some in a flask and let her drink this on the journey – NO fizzy drinks.
I always carry crystallized GINGER (Zingiber officinale) with me, as well as homemade ginger ale, but they might be too strong for a 5 year old, so make biscuits. Email me for my recipe.
Chewing fresh PEPPERMINT (Mentha piperita) leaves also helps, but again, your daughter might not want to do this. If it is a severe attack, you can rub 3 drops peppermint oil diluted in 1 teaspoon olive oil onto her tummy, this will help relieve the nausea.
If you are driving some distance, make sure you stop every so often and allow her to walk around.
Unfortunately I have found that winding roads make travelling most unpleasant, but using the above remedies certainly help. I hope that they do the same for your family.

Mint: Mentha piperita

Mint: Mentha piperita

Yours in herbs,
Diane Aldworth; 0828081519; dragonair@lantic.net