This is a pacy adventure novel written by local author Jeff Gaisford of Hilton, who is a well-known figure, having been the spokesman for KZN Wildlife for many years prior to his retirement. The action takes place in Durban, Richards Bay, Cape Vidal and on the Leadsman Shoal near Leven Point between Cape Vidal and Sodwana Bay – so this novel is completely KZN-based. The story centres around a known treasure legend at Cape Vidal, a secret German U-boat operation off the Zululand coast during World War Two, and an underworld interest in a sunken cargo, plus one or two other complications to add zest.

According to Jeff, many readers have complained that they had not been able to sleep before 2 am for a couple of nights as they were unable to put the book down once they had started reading.
“I was meticulous in researching technical information about diving, U-boats, and other vessels,” said Jeff. “I worked in the St Lucia area for years so know the places I wrote about.”
Asked about how he had constructed the novel, he said he had woven a fictional tale around a framework of historical fact.
“Some historical facts are well-known, some not so well-known, and this makes the novel interesting,” he said. “I had to set the main action 1982, otherwise certain characters would have been too old to participate,” he added. “I also researched the tides and phases of the moon through the summers of 1942 and 1982, so if in the text I write that a full moon silvered the sea, or that the spring tide sea had drawn far back from the rocks it was indeed so at that time.
“Another aspect of writing I found fascinating, was how characters took on a life of their own, leading me along a developmental path I had never envisaged.”
“The important thing for me is that I have had fun writing the book,” he said. “And believe me, nothing can beat the feeling of holding one’s very own first novel in one’s hand for the first time.
The book is on sale at the Steampunk Cafe at Thokan’s Store near Lions River Station, Lazy Lizard Book Traders at Greendales Acres in Howick, and at Bookworld at Cascades Centre, as well as being available directly from the author.
Jeff Gaisford can be contacted on email: