God’s Little Lambs Meet Funda Nenja


Thobane Gaza shows one of “Gods Little Lambs” how to shake hands with Hayley.

The Funda Nenja Demo Team weren’t strutting their stuff and showing what they and their loving dogs have learnt this time. They were being ambassadors for animal care. They visited the nursery school, God’s Little Lambs, in Tumbleweed near Merrivale to explain to the little ones there how to care for a dog.

It began with the little people singing a song of welcome and love for Funda Nenja.

The Funda Nenja Demo Team handlers then explained that the needs of dogs are the same as ours, food, water, shelter and care. The dogs then played their part and showed off a few tricks.

Initially the children were somewhat afraid of the dogs but by the end of the visit they wanted to stroke and pat them. Some little ones came forward to shake hands with gentle trick queen, Hayley, and others asked Spooky to lie down for them.

All had a wonderful time, both the young “teachers” from Funda Nenja with their healthy, well cared for furry assistants and the little pupils so keen to learn from them.

If any one wishes to visit Funda Nenja on a Friday afternoon, please call Jayne Goetsch on 083 2774 358 or Adrienne Olivier on 083 6360 891. To support Funda Nenja, sms “Donate FN” to 48748 or donate dry dog food – this is always most welcome as it is used for training treats.