I’m a Midlands Alpaca

Alpaca babyNational Alpaca Day, Saturday 30th April 2016

National Alpaca Day offers you the opportunity to GET UP CLOSE WITH ALPACAS!

Alpacas can now be found in several provinces in South Africa, and they can be found in herds of as few as three or four or up to two hundred. Their unique and exquisite fibre is being harvested annually and made into a range of beautiful and exotic garments and accessories which are in high demand.

National Alpaca Day is an awareness day – a day when alpaca breeders around South Africa open their gates to you the public and invite you to come and learn about alpacas and experience them first hand. Discover their characters, touch their velvety noses and at some farms you can even lead an alpaca. These docile and beautiful creatures which were semi-domesticated by the Inca people of South America TEN THOUSAND YEARS AGO are now being bred all over the world. Why? For their unique fibre. And one of the joys of keeping alpacas is that the animals are not killed in order to harvest a “ crop”. In fact the Alpaca thanks the farmer for relieving them of their big coats just as the weather hots up for summer.

Alpacas have one of the finest quality fleeces in the world and is the most colour-diversified fibre-bearing animal, giving 22 natural colours and shades. National Alpaca Day will give you the opportunity to purchase beautifully hand made pure alpaca products, products which include items of ladies’ fashionwear, gentlemen’s jumpers, babywear and toddler clothing, cushions, bed throws and blankets. You name it, there is hardly anything in the fabric line that cannot be made with pure, soft and wonderfully warm ALPACA.

Many breeders plan their birthing season for March and April. Indeed some alpaca mums actually gave birth on National Alpaca Day last year! So you could experience the wonder of seeing a new alpaca life beginning. A baby alpaca is called a Cria, Spanish for young one.

You’ll have to wait another year for an experience like this so … go to www.alpacasociety.co.za and click to find a farm near you!

Alpaca Farm

Alpaca Farm

Pay a visit to Heaven’s Gift Farm, 3 minutes off the N3, above the old Hidcote station, Mooi River which leads you to Serena Alpacas owned by Peter-John Garbutt. Experience the delight of getting up close and personal with a Midlands Alpaca (there are 250 on the farm), and learn how this special fibre is transformed into luxury sought after items. Peter-John Garbbutt is a South African pioneer of alpaca-filled duvets, the cosiest possible duver under which to sleep!

Contact: Peter-John Garbutt, Serena Alpacas, 082 8960276, Info@serenaalpacas.co.za


Unique Fleece

Unique Fleece


Alpaca Yarn


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