Gardeners Notes

Dear Fellow Gardeners

I promised myself not to write about the weather again, simply because it is the one thing that we can do nothing about.
I am surrounded by weather prophets in my area, all giving advice as to when it is going to snow, even the time of the day when it will start! These clever people get their information from the internet of course and swear by these forecasts. It gives me great pleasure when their predictions are wrong as it happened the last few days.

These weather prophets forget who really is in charge of our weather patterns, and that is definitely not some clever professor in front of his computer. I rest my case!

We have had a very successful pruning workshop with over 70 gardeners attending and we finished a lovely Saturday morning off with lovely tasty snacks and tea.

As I emphasised during my talk, we do not only prune in July and August but it is an on-going process right through the growing season, unless you want your rose bush growing over 2metres tall. Cut back your rose stems after every flowering flush, take out the weak once first then cut back your strong flowering stems which had just flowered at least by half their length. Roses are as good as the care they receive. A regular feeding, spraying and lots of watering during the hot summer months is all they need.

Gazania’s are often not on the list of summer annuals to be planted in spring , but this sometimes overlooked plant is a winner in a sunny spot in your garden and will do well in a hot dry bed that you hardly water. Gazania’s have been hybridized over the years to produce extra-large flowers in a fast array of colours from pure white to bright orange. Where the winters are not as harsh they will last a couple of years in your garden and they germinate easily if sown directly into the garden beds.

Please note that our new season roses and a large range of fruit trees are now available. I will still encourage you to plant more fruit trees. It is such joy when you harvest your own fruit, flowers or vegetables.

We also sell Vigorosa 5:1:5 fertilizer which is not only an excellent rose fertilizer but can also be used on all flowering shrubs and plants as well as fruit trees.

Your organic option will be Gromor’s Accellerator or Neutrog’s Bounce Back. You can scatter these excellent products between your shrubs and perennials and you will be amazed at the results.

We were blessed with much needed rain last night and I am sure the mountains much be covered in snow because the wind is very icy this morning. Hopefully this is the last cold spell which will bring an end to winter.

Happy gardening!
Kind regards.
Chris Koch – 082 7877473