Game Changer Nana, off to Germany!

Sanelisiwe Mokoena or Nana, is excited to be going to Germany.

Sanelisiwe Mokoena or Nana, is excited to be going to Germany.

Twenty-year old Sanelisiwe Mokoena (“Nana” to those who know her) is a product of the Edendale-based Game Changers program, launched in 2014 by the Africaid Trust, and who will be jetting off to Bremen, Germany on the 7th of May for a one year volunteering internship.
The experience will be life-changing for this young Game Changer, who is tiny in stature, but big on courage and energy! She is under no illusions that the experience will be all roses…”I have never spent time away from home so, leaving my Mom and 4 siblings, and my friends in Machibisa behind for a year is going to be my biggest challenge,” confirms Nana, “but I am ready for adventure, and this will add to what I have learned already through the programme.”
According to Africaid Trust founder, Welshman, Marcus McGilvray, who has lived in South Africa for the past 13 years, “every young person we work with has the opportunity to achieve their full potential”.
By the end of 2010, more than 75 million youth between 15 and 24 years could not find work, the effects of which are being felt not only in Africa but globally. In 2014, youth jobless rates in South Africa leapt to 36.1% with young people accounting for 90% of those who were unemployed and had never worked. Game Changers is a one year training programme, based in Edendale on Edendale Hospital property where Whizzkids United (another Africaid Programme) has its home, designed to prepare unemployed youth for entry level employment, further training or education. It focuses on developing four key competencies in unemployed youth aged 17-24: personal development, functional skills (maths, IT and English), 6 week workplace internships and professional development.
Of the five male and five female Game Changers “class of 2014”, the programme helped three find full time employment, three returned to complete their matric, one is assisting the family business until they find a preferred job in the hospitality industry, one has gone on to Higher Education and one has gone to Germany for a one year work placement.

Dennis Kerspuy and the Game Changers' 2014 team.

Dennis Kerspuy and the Game Changers’ 2014 team.

“We want Game Changers to become synonymous with corporates as the place to hire capable entry-level professional staff” says McGilvray. “We need Corporate support on various levels: sponsoring a Game Changer for a year, offering training on any aspect of working life to a Game Changer, assisting with resources, giving participants the opportunity of work experience.”
For more information on how you, the Corporate, can get involved in playing the Game have a look at the website:
game changer
1. an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something.
“a potential game changer that could revitalize the entire US aerospace industry”