FUNDA NENJA thanks supporters at May AGM


FUNDA NENJA thanks supporters at May AGM
Funda Nenja would like to thank all the members of the community who attended their AGM on the 24th of May, for their time and support of the programme.
The organisation had a watershed year by being recognised by the corporate sector, together with gaining the support of a large number of community members and local businesses. The programme, which started with the focus of developing responsibility for animal welfare, has grown to include developing youth skills and is geared to lead more young people to reach their dreams in obtaining employment in the animal welfare sector.

dog jumping

The well-being of children  is incorporated into the  programme by utilising  the services of an auxiliary  social worker to assess  their emotional and  medical health, material  and cognitive  circumstances and make  referrals, if necessary, to  address any issues in these areas. For the full report please email –

If you would like to volunteer toward the continued success of the programme, please contact us on Cell: 083 636 0891 or or