Dear Readers
When the rate of exchange is falling, the mini-budget makes you feel despondant, the potholes are still at your driveway and everyone around is in full stress mode about exams … the Meander Chronicle still has deadlines to meet and a mission to fulfill!

There are always people creating good and hopeful stories, and we do so wish that these ones were awarded more space, and billboards and posters on the streets … however, they are not, so we continue to do our bit!

As part of this crazy job, we also get to experience some Midlands magical indulgence from time to time. This month’s pure unadulterated spoil was the Karkloof Safari Spa. Honestly – I have never enjoyed a 3 hour massage, and I left the property acutely aware of the magic of SILENCE. The Thai people have mastered the art of serenity. – it is pure bliss!
Enjoy this October edition – it IS full of hope, and the stories are true.
Phillippa and Caroline