French Week in Pietermaritzburg

alliance elephantFrom May 23 to May 29 2016, the Alliance Française of Pietermaritzburg organises a week-long celebration of the history and influence of France in KwaZulu-Natal.

Numerous activities will be offered by the Alliance Française, tracing the course of the Prince Imperial Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, son of Emperor Napoleon III of France, in Zulu territory, where he died at 23. They aim at reflecting his influence in the region (location names, pieces of art, tales, dishes and wine…).

The “influence” of the Prince is how his story and how his monument (1880) has brought benefits to communities and has raised the profile of the passage and contribution of the French to the cultural tapestry in Kwazulu Natal (KZN). The Franco-Zulu connections also embrace KZN’s ties to St Helena through the exiles of the Emperor Napoleon I (the Prince Imperial’s great-uncle) and His Majesty King Dinuzulu; the Saints who settled in Pietermaritzburg; the Zulu chiefs who were sent to St Helena to do hard-labour and the multi-cultural array of Boer War Prisoners (French included) who were sent from this province to St Helena.
Numerous guests will take part in the celebration, including Mr. Raymond Quereilhac, Consul of France in Johannesburg.
In order to welcome the Consul of France in Johannesburg, a concert will be organise by the Alliance Française of Pietermaritzburg and the French Institute in South Africa,