Flower of Hope

On Saturday, 12th April and Sunday, 13th April, The Sunflower Fund will be hosting a fun morning at Liberty Midlands Mall in front of Pick n Pay and are encouraging all members of the public to come along and take part.

Participating in the ‘Flower of Hope’ fundraising campaign is a way of lending hope to those in dying need. Come along and find out how you can join the South African Bone Marrow Registry and give hope to those patients in need of a bone marrow stem cell transplant and help raise funds by placing coins onto the ‘Flower of Hope’.

Each year thousands of South Africans are diagnosed with blood disorders such as leukaemia, marrow failure and aplasia. For many, their only chance of survival is a bone marrow stem cell transplant. Sometimes it’s possible for a relative to be a donor, but most patients are not so lucky and so a search for a matching, unrelated donor must begin. This is a daunting and traumatic task, with only 65,500 donors on the SABMR and the chance of finding a matching donor just 1:100 000 within your own ethnic group.

“The Sunflower Fund’s vision is to grow the Registry to at least 100 000 donors representative of all ethnic groups so that everyone has a realistic chance of finding a match in our local Registry,” says Kenwyn Geyser, PR and Events Specialist for The Sunflower Fund in Pietermaritzburg

For more information on the ‘Flower of Hope’, contact Kenwyn on 083 632 3224 or kenwyn@sunflowerfund.org.za

For more information on The Sunflower Fund, please call toll free 0800 12 10 82 or visit www.sunflowerfund.org.za. Please join our local Facebook page as well, The Sunflower Fund KZN, to receive news and updates on regional events and campaigns.


Flower of Hope