First Friday Food Market


The Midlands is well known for its sights, products and cuisine and there is always excitement when one discovers a new restaurant or shop tucked into a small cozy corner of the meander. This excitement has made an appearance again, not at the discovery of a new place, but a new twist to a local business that has already made its mark on the meander.

The La Papote restaurant at Sue Tarr’s evening market is a wonderful addition to the midlands’ bag of tricks. The products on sale ranged from fresh vegetables, to jams, fresh bread, cheeses, condiments and other wonderful, locally produced products sold by friendly people that will take delight in just a short conversation about their products. My time and my budget were far too short for this market and with Christmas coming up, my family will definitely be going back to look for presents and to get idea’s for the annual feast.

The Market takes place on the first Friday of each month from 3 to 6 pm down by Sue Tarr’s and La Papote restaurant.

Article by Jack Perrett