N3TC appeals to land owners – Firebreaks Please

N3TC appeals to land owners to help minimise the risks of uncontrolled wild fires by burning firebreaks.

N3TC appeals to land owners

N3TC appeals to land owners

With the approach of the dry winter season the threat of destructive veld fires increases. As a precautionary measure N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) has commenced with its programme to burn firebreaks within the road reserve (strips of land directly adjacent to the main road) along the N3 Toll Route. This programme will run from May until the end of July.
In an attempt to limit the risk of uncontrolled veld fires, N3TC undertakes the burning of fire breaks annually, where appropriate and when conditions are conducive for safe controlled burning.
Weather permitting, N3TC’s fire break teams will work along sections of the Route from early morning to late evening. All necessary steps will be taken to ensure that safety standards are adhered to and that the scene of a controlled burn is clearly demarcated utilising flagmen, signage, and flashing lights.

Landowners requested to contact N3TC Route Control Centre to facilitate controlled burns

N3TC’s initiative to provide firebreaks is limited to the width of the road reserve, which is sometimes a narrow strip that may not always be effective in controlling fires especially in high wind condition. Runaway fires sometimes flare up many kilometres away from the N3 Toll Route and high wind velocities cause these fires to spread at a rapid rate with a potential to cause damage to life and property.

N3TC therefore appeals to all landowners to support its efforts to minimise the risk of veld fires this season by burning an additional width of firebreak adjacent to the road reserve.
Owners with land adjacent to the N3 Toll Route are requested to liaise with the N3TC Route Control Centre (0800 N3 HELP/ 0800 63 4357) to jointly plan burning of firebreaks.

Report dangerous conditions

Veld fires along National Roads pose serious road safety and health risks. Road users are requested to take every precaution not to start fires during the dry season and to take extra care when visibility on the road is impaired due to smoke from fires.
Immediately report any unattended fires and/or smoke along or near the N3 Toll Route to the 24-hour N3TC Route Control Centre on 0800 63 4357 (0800 N3 HELP); or Twitter: @N3Route.

Adopt defensive driving techniques in adverse conditions

By adopting defensive driving techniques when travelling through any dangerous situation whether smoke, snow or heavy rainfall, drivers can ultimately help prevent accidents.
Approaching fire or smoke across the road, motorists are advised to:
• immediately reduce your speed;
• switch on your vehicle’s headlights and emergency lights;
• if visibility remains good, proceed with extreme caution; and
• if the smoke is heavy and visibility is poor, rather pull as far as possible off the road – before reaching the smoke.
The golden rule is, if you cannot see through the smoke do not proceed. On no account should motorists who find themselves in the middle of the road in dense smoke panic and attempt to stop or reverse, as this could result in an accident. Attempting to alight from a vehicle under such circumstances could be fatal.