Eye for a good photograph

N3 Toll Concession announces winners of the 2014 N3TC Photographic Competition.

Now in its 7th year, entries in the annual N3TC Photographic Competition continue to astound the judging panel with their high standard and quality. The photographers’ talents, sense of detail, composition and overall creativity challenged judges to give careful consideration to a variety of criteria before the winners were finally selected.

Year on year entries capture spectacular images which represents a slice of life along the N3 Toll Route. The judging panel reviewed just under 200 submissions in the competition this year.

The Overall Winner of the 2014 N3TC Photographic Competition is Pieter Kotzee from Heidelberg with his entry entitled ‘Common Waxbill Meeting’. The judges concurred that Pieter’s entry showed great composition, focus, and emphasized colour, while telling a story, which made it an impeccable calendar image and one worthy of looking at on the wall for a month, if not longer.“We all experience and view life’s journeys differently. The N3 Toll Route links diverse experiences, people and places. It is rewarding to share some of these moments through the eyes and images of the different photographers who have entered the Competition,” said Andy Visser, Marketing Manager of N3 Toll Concession.Photographers could enter their work in seven categories, namely: Landscape; Travel and Tourism; Sport, Culture and Recreation; Wildlife, Fauna and Flora; People; Scholar and Staff. All winning photographs can be viewed on www.n3tc.co.za.The 2015 N3TC Photographic Competition will close on 31 July 2015.

No better time than now to start capturing those perfect moments. You may just stand a chance to win.

Winning pic Common Waxbill ed144 sep14

OVERALL WINNER  ‘Common Waxbill Meeting’  (Pieter Kotzee)



FRONT PAGE merit ladybird1new

‘Pollinated Ladybug’ (Joan Jung)

N3TC Photo comp People Merit This music makes me happy nikki brighton ed144 sep14

‘This music makes me happy’ (Nikki Brighton)


Winner Wildlife fauna and flora Paper like flowersnew

‘Paper like flowers’ (Susan Van Zuilekom)