Extreme Endurance Adventurer Visits Grace

Extreme visitor for Grace

Pictured with Peter Van Kets are: Nicholas Merton (Head boy) and Chiara Ilett (Head girl).

Grace College had the privilege of welcoming Mr Peter Van Kets, well-known extreme endurance adventurer, to our school on Tuesday, 19 February 2013.

Mr Van Kets addressed the Grade 11 and 12 learners. He incorporated valuable lessons learnt on his adventure races, to illustrate how they too could achieve their goals in life. Mr. Van Kets stressed that ordinary people were able to achieve extraordinary feats, aptly naming his talk “Impossible is nothing”.

He shared how endurance adventures made him feel alive and encouraged the learners to find that which they felt passionate about and pursue it.

He captivated the audience with reflections on his Trans-Atlantic rowing races and trekking to the South Pole and left us with this thought: “If you don’t start the journey, you won’t fail, but you will also not have a story to tell.” Grace College wishes Mr Van Kets all the best for his future adventures.