A Expression of thanks from The Lidgetton Community Project

On behalf of the Lidgetton Community project, we would like to thank the Howick Rotarians for their wonderful gift of blankets for our aids orphans and vulnerable children. We appreciate how much you help us when the need arises and always quick to respond to our wish list.

We’re also grateful to the Amber Valley crafters and ladies of the Howick Community Church for knitting jerseys, beanies, and gloves for the children. There is always a rush on the gloves as their hands get so cold at school on these cold winter mornings. To John Porter, thank you for your continued support and sponsorship of our project, and for donating blankets for our soup kitchen children. A thank you to Gavin Hayhoe for the making of the wooden gate to keep the cattle out from the area in which the children eat their soup and Ronald McLelland for having shelves made for our shelter, where the kids receive their soup, and enjoy some teaching time learning christian values and how to read and write, by our wonderful helper Nokuthula, without whom we would not be able to function. Ronald thanks also for the concrete slab you made for the front of the kitchen area. Thanks to those sponsors for their cash donations so that we can buy foodstuffs each month for our project.

We have also received an abundance of clothing from various organisations for which we are very grateful. Thank you to a special friend who contributed to our feeding scheme instead of giving me a birthday present. Best birthday present ever!

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Jangda and Naheem Sarang who run the Lidgetton cash store and who are always so cheerful and willing to help us with contributions of foodstuffs when we run short. Last but not least thanks to Amber Valley residents who so willingly give of their time each month by making soup for the malnourished children in the informal settlement, and to the special lady who collects the soup and delivers it to us. I apologise to anyone who has contributed to our project and who I might have forgotten to thank. The bible tells us that “it is better to give than to receive” and you will all be truly blessed by helping those less fortunate than yourselves.
Sandra Merrick, on behalf of Lidgetton Community Project


The Lidgetton Community Project helper Nokuthula with one of the orphans receiving gloves and beanie.