‘Everyone Cares for Something’


From left to right: Lindiwe Mkhize, KZNCF Education Officer; Vicky Thompson, David Wheildon, Michael Ryan, Bank Manager, Nedbank Hilton; Riana Naven, Nedbank employee and KZNCF volunteer; Ann Burke, KZNCF Conservation Programmes Manager; and Jon Bates.

Nedbank believes that ‘Everyone Cares for Something’ and the Local Heroes programme helps Nedbank Employees contribute to community projects that are close to their hearts. Riana Naven assists the national Wattled Crane Recovery Programme by serving as a volunteer chick mother (hand rearing critically endangered Wattled Crane chicks) at the Johannesburg Zoo and assisting with fund raising for the Wattled Crane Nursery currently under construction at the KwaZulu-Natal Crane Foundation (KZNCF) in Nottingham Road. This grant will be used to purchase an energy efficient LPG geyser for the nursery as a component of the building’s renewable design.