Elsa Human, A Van Reenen Jewel


Elsa Human

“There is no recipe in Van Reenen” says Elsa Human, the delightful dynamo from Van Reenen, who now works for the N3Gateway project. Van Reenen is full of surprises – the best scones on the N3 and an intriguing village just 100 metres off the highway (most travellers don’t venture this far!) are just a couple of ingredients.

While still at University, Elsa was asked to put together a proposal to revive tourism development in the area. “I didn’t have a cooking clue” she quips. Since then she completed her Master’s degree, using the Van Reenen Responsible Tourism Project as her subject. “I can’t believe that N3TC had so much faith in a 21 year old” she says, genuinely surprised. “Some of my ideas must have seemed a bit ambitious.”

Elsa certainly knows the recipe for success and is spreading her energy and infectious enthusiasm across the region. www.n3gateway.com