Eds Letter March 2014

Dear Readers,

A presentation we did recently at a BNI meeting reminded us of how important it is to laugh. Dressed in lumo lime and orange (yes we even have gumboots to match!) we recounted the history of our paper which is in it’s 10th year of our ownership. From day one we have laughed – A LOT! We were also reminded of the loyalty with which we have been treated by advertisers and contributors alike, and loyalty is becoming a scarce commodity. On our roll of honour then for this month is Gary Maas of Carpetbagger (see back page ad), and Spanafrica who have been with us since our start, and Di Aldworth who has been contributing herbal wisdoms for 10 years. Wow!

It’s that time of the year when holidays overtake working days so you will see that there is a heap of stuff to get out and doing.

Enjoy the edition, and please have a belly laugh for us!
the Ladybirds

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