Eds Letter June 2014

Dear Readers,

Snow, followed by days of 27 degree sunshine! This seems to galvanise our community too – the cold sets in and the warm heartedness grows. Everyone is knitting, clothing collections abound, 67 Blankets for Madiba caused a sensation at the Capture site …
It’s birthday time for two Midlands born and bred organisations who practice volunteerism, a spirit of playing it forward, and generosity that makes us proud to be associated with them. The Midlands Meander Education Project (MMAEP), 10 hoorays for you, and Funda Nenja the township dog training initiative, 5 big Bow Wows for you!

It’s business as usual for the sporty and outdoorsy – Dusi2C, Rainbow Challenge, UCI World Marathon CHamps. See our front page story for a tale of physiacl and mental fortitude that will take some matching.
In our office, it’s been different too. Caroline has taken a well-deserved sabbatical (after 10 years, it’s awonder she’s alive!) and we welcome Jane Morgan to the fold. Hopefully this month’s baptism by fire doesn’t chase her away. Thank you Jane…
Keep warm!

P.S. Don’t forget that what you get in the hardcopy, is not nearly what you get on the website …. www.meanderchornicle.co.za