Eds letter January 2014

New Beginnings was the theme we decided on for the first edition of 2014, and no sooner had we put it out there than the stories started fitting in! We love our front page, as it expresses the hope and excitement of achieving what has to be the greatest milestone of a young South African’s life. Every year it’s the same thing – the excitement of waiting for results, and then the resultant “reality check” (NOT our words) in the daily press, and conversations about the dumbing down of the current Matric exams. We’re grateful we can rejoice with the Vusi’s and others who achieved a worthy matric, and the world is their oyster.

May 2014 provide you with many New Beginnings, whether it’s new inventions (thank you Lynn Hurry on page 2), new adventures (go on, take that Cruise you’ve always imagined, page 2), or just a new outlook on daily living.


Phillippa, Caroline and Amanda

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