Eds Letter August 2014

Dear Readers,
As you can see by page 1 and 2 I have surrounded myself with some very powerful women. Melissa Vurovecz, Ali Engelbrecht and Bridgitte Hartley the Midlands salutes you, and what you represent. As with all the celebratory days, rememember to salute the wonder women around you EVERY day. From the Domestic Workers without whom South African families would be lost, the Mother who lives to care for her children and loved ones, the surrogate Mother’s who take on other people’s children to prevent them being lost, the Career Women who help keep the emotional balance in the corporate world, the teachers, the nurses, the carers …
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From this team of passion-filled Women, we wish you a splendid month. Appreciate the August winds, it surely heralds Spring rains.
Phillippa , Amanda and Caroline (in absentia)