Eds Letter April 2014

Dear Readers,

By the end of putting together this edition we were exhausted! Not just for the usual reasons of too little sleep, and too much liquorice but because of the nature of the “news” that poured in. The UCI Mtb World Cup pedals off as we speak, for the weekend. We’ve got the gen on JoBrg 2 C, Burg and Bush, Borderposrt to Borderpost, Bridgette Hartley’s champion exploits at the Canoe SA Sprints and the list goes on…It’s breathtaking.

We’re so proud of our own Ella Grealy who put the Midlands under the spotlight with other stars of the stage, and one look at our double page schools spread, and you KNOW … our youth (and their educators) are amazing.
Enjoy the forthcoming holidays and if you’re not even able to think of where to go N3 GAteway have designed 100 or more itineraries to suit every and any type of traveller (see pg 7)

Go safely, and throw in a little bit of chocolate too! Happy Easter!
The Ladybirds