Dear Readers,
What a year it has been!

Listening to a late night conversation on ECR with Gareth Cliff I was struck by his answer to a question posed to him by the interviewer. Gareth has a few hectic reasons to be negative about living in this marvellous country, and his response to being asked why he stays was “this is home”.

Very simple really, and it struck a chord. Despite the challenges, we love “home” and our message for this final edition, for the festive season and 2017 is to just keep it simple!  Try and “like” before you suspect, “do” more than you say, and make a conscious effort every day to create a meaningful moment … no matter how small.

That’s what we will continue to do through 2017 and we hope that you will join us.

A safe and kindly festive season to you all.
Phillippa and Carolinecaro-and-phil-eish-it-at-friends-of-ukzn-agric