Editors Letter November

The tan is fading, the post-trip prophylactics are finished, the final blog post needs to be posted … the adventure is over! The memories however are forever, the mind shift is cemented and Chief Ladybird is back in the team, so grateful that I surrounded myself with such capable beings.

It’s an indulgence, but the front page belongs to me this month. Enjoy it, and all I can say is, driving off with your life in your vehicle, for 90 days, without a worry in the world, is the way it should be! I don’t know how we got it all so scrambled, but, as they say “That’s life” and thankfully I come back to a really good life in the green Midlands.

Enjoy the November edition and get out there to make the most of what we have on our doorstep.


Phil, Caro and Amanda