Editors Letter (May)

The-ladybirds-seatedDear Readers,

“This is who we are … we are South Africa! Inspired and inspiring, diverse and united, we gather here today in this great province of KwaZulu-Natal – this legendary kingdom of dreams and opportunities. We gather here between the ocean and the mountains, between our heritage and our tomorrow, to celebrate the power and the prospects of an industry that showcases our nation to the world.” (Opening Speech Marthinus van Schalkwyk, National Tourism Minister)

Wouldn’t you love your job, if this was the kind of optimism you were treated to on a weekly basis. This was the opening speech at the 2013 edition of the Tourism Indaba, and with 13 000 tourism professionals enjoying the fruits of the INDABA organisers labours it is always an optimism booster.

Closer to the Midlands Steuart Pennington treated guests to a “dinner party conversation” curveball by delivering Sa’s Good News in a nutshell. Thank you Steuart for always giving the untold story which doesn’t come out at dinner parties, because people just don’t know the other truths. For a weekly or daily dose of sugar log onto www.sagoodnews.co.za.

The launch of the Mandela Day Marathon was another spirit lifter – firstly because it happens on our doorstep, but also through the efforts of the various partners, the race is the only “legacy” marathon affirmed by AIMS (see our cover story).

Amazing place the Midlands – you don;t have to look much further than your doorstep for the good news!

Have a marvelloous May.
The Ladybirds