Editors Letter (June)

Dear Readers,

A french connection via our www.meanderchronicle.co.za newsletter always sends a comment our way, which delights us no end. It’s a highlight for him as it appears to him that “le soleil brille toujours en Afrique du Sud” (the sun always shines in South Africa). He has spent a fair amount of time in South Africa, so he is aware of the challenges we face in our beloved country, but we underestimate the power of our sunshine. Our French friend is currently unemloyed, is highly qualified, but 8 months ago at age 45 his company decided that he was disposable, and he has joined the masses of French unemployed. He longs for the day when he can visit South Africa again.

Other little things tickle us and this month a letter from Athol Desmond in Howick did it. An invitation to take a walk! It says it all really …

Dear Editor,
I’ve been wondering if anyone would like to accompany me on an early morning walk. I live in Howick. Let me tell you what to expect …

It was early one morning and still rather dark,
When I took my pet jumbo for a walk in the park.
He rustled his feathers and whistled a tune
Like the one he had learned from a friendly baboon.
A cat chirruped softly to a bird in a tree,
“Come down here sweet birdy and sit next to me.”
A fish in the pond was so pleased when he saw us,
“Good morning” he said, without barking or fuss.
A dog was miaouwing as he ran swiftly near
His scales were glist’ning in lovely fresh air.
The frogs were all singing a paean of praise
For glorious mornings and wonderful days.
A worm sniffed the air with its little pink noses,
“For breakfast I think I’ll eat tulips and roses.”
Lions and leopards left their beds in the grass,
Mumbling a greeting and letting us pass,
Purring and snuffling and telling their dreams
Of chocolate and muffins and toffee and creams.

Athol Desmond