The Eagles Have Landed!

The recently-established Winterskloof Tactical Surveillance Unit (WTSU) is in full force! With the upsurge in violent crime, the establishment of the WTSU was a logical one. Funds permitting, as we ascertain our presence in the area, we are expecting to field up to 12 suitably equipped operators, some in a distinctive SWAT-type uniform and others more couvert. Our Team is backed by suitable support vehicles, armed response teams, and the SAPS dog unit when required. Their primary function is to identify people and vehicles with no legitimate purpose in the area and to respond accordingly. Part of the Unit’s responsibilities include patrolling vacant properties and other known access routes to flush criminals and raise the risk of these felons being identified and apprehended. The WTSU is being supported by a very effective resident and domestic-worker communication system, which ensures that all suspicious people and vehicles in the area are tracked and reported to the SAPS for their immediate attention.

The WTSU is a unique initiative and through it, Winterskloof residents are determined to make a proactive and assertive stand to preserve safety and security in the Valley. By working closely with the SAPS, other crime intelligence agencies and the resident work force, the WTSU will give wanton criminals plenty to think about if they choose to continue targeting this area. Criminal elements are strongly advised to take their dirty business elsewhere or face the consequences!

Should you wish to contribute to this very worthwhile initiative, please email

WTSU ed143 aug14

WTSU Eagles ready to be deployed.