Are Your Dogs Safe?

Dogs have a penchant for wandering. It’s interesting out there and the smells and sounds of the wider world call. The call is strong, because this is where they have come from.

Dogs became domesticated some 10 000 years ago by scavenging on the waste of villages. Those less afraid of people came closer and closer and were taken in to live in close proximity to people. Dogs were used for hunting and later guarding and herding. Unfortunately dogs have, throughout history, been kept for or activities which we find distasteful. Dogs have been used as food and for fighting, which sometimes involves using smaller dogs for baiting: A dreadful thought.

When dogs are stolen, we often do not know why or for what purpose. If your dog is found wandering in the street by a kind and thoughtful person, they may be taken to the local vet and kept there for a while, if they have space. Alternately the person might take your dog to their local SPCA where they will be kept safe. By the number of missing dog notices we see, it is clear that if the person who finds your dog decides to keep him, the dog may never be found.

Put a collar and name tag on your dog with your phone number, so that the person who finds your dog can call you. Another good form of ID is the microchip as the dog, no matter where he is found, can be traced to you. If your pet has been stolen, this will be easier to prove.

Dogs kept inside at night are safer and will alert you to an intruder without being an all-night barker. If your dogs are in the habit of running out your gate, ensure they are behind an inner gate when you drive out. The ‘inner gate’ can be anything from a back yard to a front door. Keep your dogs safe at all times.