Do You ‘Listen’ to Your Dog?

I recently met a lady who said “Dogs know more that we do…we can learn from them.” We certainly can learn from them. Dogs have much to teach us and, if we can listen rather than give orders and dominate, we will allow ourselves to learn from them.

I think anybody working closely with animals knows this is true. We continually talk about how brave our dogs are – to the point of being fearless! We know their love is unconditional and that they can endure a huge amount of pain and discomfort without complaint. We all receive the warmest welcome on arrival home from our dogs.

More than this, if you want your dog to listen to you and do as you ask, “listen” to your dog and help him do what you want him to do.

In Robin Layton’s book, ‘A Letter to My Dog – Notes to Our Best Friends’ dog owners write to their dogs to tell them what they mean to them and how they have helped them. One such owner says her dog her little dog, KJ, helped her beat cancer. She says he laid his head where she was hurting. He wasn’t trained to do this. He just knew where the hurt was. He sensed it, perhaps he could feel tension in this area of her body or perhaps he read her mind. We will never know, but what we do know is that he sensed where the pain was and helped his owner deal with it.

We should stop trying to be part of our dogs’ pack, stop trying to dominate our furry friends and rather work with them, learn from them and give them the respect due to them as the sentient beings they are. I am sure we can learn important lessons in doing so and become better people along the way.