Do you have a business coach in your corner?


Patrick Greenaway

Most business owners have in depth knowledge about the product they manufacture or supply but the company’s success actually depends on whether they know how to run a business. There are many highly-educated people who have studied for years and have degrees fit for frames on the walls of their reception areas, yet their businesses fail. Generally, there is but one reason for this.

That said it is important for business owners to check the credentials of the business coach they choose. With the growth of the coaching industry many business executives are jumping on the bandwagon; remember a successful company director doesn’t necessarily become a good business coach. It is imperative to look for a coaching business that has a sound track record and a coach with a solid reputation. Ask around; the ‘grapevine’ is a good starting point.

The role of the coach is to encourage company owners to improve their businesses through guidance and support; to help with sales, marketing, management, team building, identifying areas the client may have overlooked; and so much more. He/she has to be well informed regarding all aspects of business.

Like a sports coach, your business coach will keep you focussed on the game by helping you set the goals, lay out the plan and hold you accountable so you can achieve your objectives.

It’s simple but it’s not easy! Business owners and executives have to want it and they have to be coach-able. We can’t change the business unless we change the behaviour of the owner. The formula we use is BE X DO = HAVE; you must BE the person who will DO what needs doing to HAVE the company you want. And we will hold you responsible for executing those things that will get the results for your business.

According to a survey conducted in 2010, coaching clients of the International Coach Federation showed that:
* 62.4% experienced improved goal-setting
* 60.5% reported more balanced life
* 57.1% reduced stress levels
* 52.4% had more self-confidence
* 43.3% felt coaching improved quality of life
* 85.7% reported an increase in income