Dear Fellow Gardeners

Ten years have passed since our move from Pietermaritzburg to Rosetta. I must admit we opened our garden centre in September 2003 with very little plant stock. No wonder the locals only gave us six months to survive! Our business has grown from humble beginnings to a very good business, showing growth year after year, even through the recession that we are experiencing.

After a very mild winter our garden centre is looking great! Our flowering plum and Magnolia trees are in full flower and the Crab-apples are slowly starting to bloom. We have stunning Azaleas in flower (ideal for Midlands’ gardens) and our first batches of perennials – lavenders, gazanias, diascias and daisy bushes are ready for planting now.

My daughter Jacky and her husband Albert are actively involved in the business now, which has showed that it is time for me to take it easy and spend more time on my farm in the Southern Cape and only assist them when they need a holiday. I have made very good friends over the years in the Midlands and will really miss these kind people who have enriched my life more than they would ever realise. I want to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone I might have offended over the years with my straight to the point attitude. Happy spring gardening!

Chris Koch – 082 7877473
Jacky Jooste – 0824477821