Dear Editor

Dear Editor,
I’ve been wondering if anyone would like to accompany me on an early morning walk. I live in Howick. Let me tell you what to expect …

It was early one morning and still rather dark,
When I took my pet jumbo for a walk in the park.
He rustled his feathers and whistled a tune
Like the one he had learned from a friendly baboon.
A cat chirruped softly to a bird in a tree,
“Come down here sweet birdy and sit next to me.”
A fish in the pond was so pleased when he saw us,
“Good morning” he said, without barking or fuss.
A dog was miaouwing as he ran swiftly near
His scales were glist’ning in lovely fresh air.
The frogs were all singing a paean of praise
For glorious mornings and wonderful days.
A worm sniffed the air with its little pink noses,
“For breakfast I think I’ll eat tulips and roses.”
Lions and leopards left their beds in the grass,
Mumbling a greeting and letting us pass,
Purring and snuffling and telling their dreams
Of chocolate and muffins and toffee and creams.

Athol Desmond

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