It’s the people who make SA great.

Dear Editor

I would appreciate if you could publish the following letter for two reasons: Firstly, I would like to identify the lady who helped me on Sunday when I was involved in an accident and secondly because I think it is good for people to hear some of the better stories that are happening in our country.

On Sunday, 22 March, I was involved in an accident, just after 9am, at the robot outside the Pick ‘n Pay, near the golf course in Howick. My reason for writing this letter is that firstly I would like to identify the kind, compassionate lady, who took the time to assist me after the accident. If she does read this letter, I would appreciate it if she would contact me, as I would like to thank her personally, for her assistance.

The second reason is to let people know that not everything in South Africa is bad. We hear enough about potholes and electricity. However, on Sunday, when I and my mother-in-law were involved in a head on collision, from the moment the paramedics arrived – and they did arrive extremely quickly – the service from them; then the hospital staff at St Anne’s; the doctors in casualty; the specialists who attended to me afterwards; and the radiologists, could only be described as outstanding. It was a privilege to be a South African and see just how well we can act, when we leave things to people, rather than institutions.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you who helped me and my mother-in-law, after the unpleasant accident.

Guy Smith

The Ed:  Thank you for taking the effort to send the letter.  At The Meander Chronicle we are lucky enough to hear these sorts of stories often.  People are quick to put their moans in writing, but not as quick to share their praise … 

Thank you

Thank you