Cycle Safe KZN and SADD (South Africans Against Drunk Driving)


Cycle Safe was started in 2012 under the umbrella of SADD. Cyclists are some of our most vulnerable road users. The association was created with the idea of
* Raising awareness of cycling safety and rules for both cyclists and vehicles – so that there is mutual respect, and less deaths and injuries to cyclists
* Erection of signs making motorists aware of the 1.5 M safe passing margin that cyclists should be afforded
* Being proactive and assisting new cyclists to know the safe cycling rules eg cycle on the safe side of the road, wear helmets at all times, wear reflective gear and follow the rules of the road

Cycle Safe is collecting helmets and biking gear – this will be distributed to those who cannot afford to purchase.

A team of riders participated in the recent Argus Cycle Tour (photo enclosed) and were sponsored by the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC)

SADD continues to push for enforcement of road safety laws, thousands of pedestrians and cyclists are killed or injured every year on our roads – 65% of our road crashes are due to alcohol.

For further information on Cycle Safe and SADD please contact
Bernie Pearce
Caro Smit
Cathy Doherty Bigara