Cost2Build – What’s in a name…?

by Andy Wood, Cost2Build – Construction Consultants and Management. “Building your Investment”

Abramawitz, Kawolski, Munnik & Levy Attorneys; CBKLP Inc; CCdC Industries – all very nice when I’ve been handed a glossy business card with all the details – simply remember where I put it, reach over and grab it and hey presto – I have that contact at my fingertips – or was it the tip of my tongue? Mmmm….I have to admit my photographic memory has at times let me down, not to mention my organisational skills when it comes to finding business cards at the right moment. Yes I know I am supposed to immediately enter the details into my fancy new smartphone! Problem is, I can’t even remember who I am supposed to be looking for!

So it was, back in October 2011, when I decided to start my own Construction Consultants and Management firm that I got to thinking of what to call the company. My first thought was, of course, “Woody’s Consulting”, a play on my surname (bragging rights) and the timber being used in the construction industry. Short-lived idea! As soon as my Aussie “mates” heard it, it had them rolling on the floor. Aussie slang conjured up humorous connotations of some kind of “alternate” therapist (I’ll leave you to investigate the hard facts on that one).

Not as easy as I thought then, so it was back to the drawing board (excuse the pun). With the intention of selling Construction Documents from on-line marketing, the concept was that clients would simply email CAD or PDF drawings (or have them designed by us) and we could then create Budgets, Bills of Quantities, Contracts and Priced Documents from anywhere in the country.

As I had some vague understanding of the term “search engine” and “Google”, I decided to hire the services of someone with slightly more knowledge than I in the field of computers and the www. The task was laid down to find the most commonly used phrase when searching on the internet for anything to do with Construction, Contract Documents, Quantity Surveyors, Project Management, and so on.

Three guesses as to what came up? “What does it cost to build a garage?” “What does it cost to build a three bedroomed house?” “What is the current cost to build a home per m2?” “What does it cost to build?” And so Cost to Build cc, trading as Cost2Build was born.

So what’s in a name? Put simply, we, Cost2Build, in the myriad of options and alternatives which confront you when you take on a building project, are here to ease what seems to have become a commonplace pain in the challenging process of building your dream or investment.

Apparently, a long time ago we should have been aiming for a top place on Google, and getting to know all of you by blogging, facebooking, tweeting, whatsapping, Linking, Pinteresting …. Based in the Midlands, our focus for now is simpler – we’d like to be the first choice when it comes to managing your building project. With that in mind we will be sharing our wisdoms (yes-we have many of them) monthly in The Meander Chronicle to get to know the Midlands folk we would like to help.

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