Cost2Build: The “Problem Child” Project…….

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Ever had anyone come and cry on your shoulder, beg you for a double dose of “Rescue” or rant and rave about what a nightmare their building project has turned out? Or perhaps it’s your contractor friend offloading on you about how once again he’s going bankrupt because his “unscrupulous” client is not paying him his dues? I bet you have heard or even experienced the stressful activity of building yourself and this article is conjuring up old memories you would rather forget?

This is a phenomenon we are very familiar with. Very often we are approached by a party to any of the above scenarios with a plea for help, and help we can. What amazes me though is that nine times out of ten, there isn’t an existing consultant on the project to be seen for miles! When asked why not, the response is often varied but predominantly boils down to one thing – fees! So why do we do it when the building industry has got such a dodgy name?

“We didn’t want to spend any more money on the project than we needed to – we thought we could manage this ourselves”! Unfortunately it is at this point that the rooster has come home to rest and someone is feeling that they are getting a raw deal – a deal which far exceeds the dreaded consulting fees to be sure.

There is a great saying – “Prevention is better than cure”. The problem is that we are all inclined to avoid pain now, even though it will prevent a larger amount of pain later. This applies to every aspect of life for most people, whether it is diet and health, retirement funding or yes, even building procedure. I would suggest that there is a small minority of wiser folk who do get the bigger picture, but let’s face it, it is the minority.

This type of thinking could be a disadvantage to our Cost2build business, but to be quite honest, we do benefit. And how? Because when the proverbial pawpaw hits the fan and you feel you don’t know where to turn, we know what to do to help you. We can’t promise that you will come in under your original budget, but we will certainly be able to pull in the reins of the galloping mustang, whether as a contractor or employer.

So when you are out of “Rescue”, we will be waiting for you to call.

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