Canine Conundrums with Jayne Goetsch

Baskets of Toys

Do you have toys? If you are under 18 or a man, the answer is definitely “Yes”. If you’re a woman, I am sure you enjoy some form of entertainment. Toys are entertainment and we all need some in our lives.

Our pet dogs and cats also need entertainment, or environmental enrichment. This means, in addition to training, walkies and playtime with you, they need toys they can chew on, throw around, tug on and drag through the garden or bury. There are a huge range of toys on the market at pet shops, vets and even in the supermarket, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to give your pawed pal what he needs.

Often you can find a useful item right at home. It’s a good way to recycle: old cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, a carpet off-cut, a piece of rope, old socks, an old bicycle tube or tyre all make very good toys and can give your dog heaps of fun. Remember that dogs explore with their mouths, so look for a variety of textures. Dust off your sewing machine and use some fabric scraps to make a stuffed toy for your dog.

Ensure that all hard bits which can be swallowed are removed before an item is given as a toy and watch your pal to see that the new toy does not endanger him in any way.

Dogs can benefit from being given their meals in unusual ways. Lay a trail, hide the food, play a recall game or hide-n-seek with the family and give a handful of food each time he finds somebody. To find ideas on dog toys and entertainment visit or www.performance, if you have money to spend.

Build up a stock of toys and put them in a basket or box where your dog can find them. Now and then, take some away and replace them with others, so he doesn’t become bored.