Canine Conundrums – Winter Warmers

cold-dogCanine Conundrums – Winter Warmers

We all like to be warm and cosy, dry and snug when there is inclement weather. Some dogs are fortunate to have a share of this. These are the dogs who sleep indoors. Sleep in the kitchen in a lovely warm basket of blankets or perhaps on our bed, pressed against our legs. Some say these dogs are spoiled and their dogs sleep in a kennel next to the house. These are also lucky dogs, as long as they have what they need to keep warm, out of the wet and biting winds.
If your dog has a short coat, he may need a jersey or coat to keep warm. Remember, the smaller the dog the more they feel the cold. Rugs and jerseys must be kept clean and dry. A wet blanket is not a warm blanket, a wet bed is not a comfortable bed and continually damp skin can develop sores.
If you have some spare blankets your dog does not need, Fund Nenja has a host of furry four legged children, from puppies looking for a cosy nook to older dogs with aching joints, who could benefit from these. They are doing a drive for kennels or large containers to be used as kennels for smaller dogs and puppies, so you can donate R67 or more to help supply a dog with a warm dry place to sleep. It’s not too late. Summer rains are (hopefully) just around the corner. If you’ve missed keeping a dog in need warm in winter, you can keep a dog dry in summer and warm next winter. It’s never too late! Our aim is to have every dog with his or her own dry, warm place to lie.
Here’s to comfy dogs, come rain or sunshine, wind or rain!