Canine Conundrums – Ttouch

I ask “Do you know what Ttouch is?” The answer comes: “Ummm…” (blank look) “No, not really…” or “Yes, it’s that massage thing we saw on telly…”

It is not massage as we understand the term massage, as the touches are much lighter than a massage. The touches are very gentle. Using a light touch, they work on the nervous system, rather than the muscular system. Each touch moves the skin in a way that ‘talks’ to the body at a cellular level.

Ttouch teaches trust, helps calm animals, helps them focus and helps them with confidence. It is used not only on dogs and horses, but has been used on many other animals, including a python, a whale, and a snow leopard, after which one of the touches was named. Ttouch is not only the touches. It is comprised of the touches, use of certain equipment and ground work.

The equipment used helps us ‘talk’ to the animal’s body in a gentle way that assists in changing their posture or redirecting their energy. This is done in a similar way to Tai Chi redirecting the energy of an opponent – in a smooth and subtle motion, no jerking and ‘muscle-war’ needed.

The groundwork gives animals confidence by helping them deal with situations which are similar to those they may find threatening. All three areas of work assist in making animals more aware of their bodies. This helps them in their ability to relax and de-stress.

The system of Ttouch was learnt, researched and brought into being by Linda Tellington-Jones. What Linda teaches builds understanding and trust between people and animals.

Ttouch is a wonderful way to communicate with your pet and we are lucky to have a practioner in our area, Doreen Stapleburg. Visit the Ttouch website and you may find there a true gift for your pet.