Canine Conundrums – Love Your Dog, Train Your Dog

Do you love your dog? Is anything else possible! After all they are the cutest creatures when we first meet them and then give us their unconditional love and protection all their lives. Our dogs are our companions and always waiting to welcome us home, albeit at times too enthusiastically after a long day at the office.

Have you trained your dog? Have you taught your pooch everything they need to know to be the perfect companion they deserve to be?

Dogs learn from cause and effect or action and result. “Shall we go for a walk” is followed by an interesting outing of sniffing, running, leaving p-mails and reading p-mails from distant dogs.

Dogs need to be taught what we prefer them to do and what we would rather they not do. This also is done by action and result: If your pooch knocks the bin over and finds a wonderfully smelly old bone, he will try knocking the bin over again. If the result is a yummy(to your dog, but perhaps not to you) treat and this happens a few times, your dog will be a converted ‘binner’. In the same vein, if the bin is not accessible, your dog will never learn to look in the bin for treats.

The best way to teach an animal a behaviour is by making that behaviour rewarding or enjoyable, in other words, by using positive reinforcement. This is most efficiently done by marking the behaviour and rewarding the animal with something he likes. In dog training we use a clicker or word as a marker.

So if you love your dog and have things to teach your precious pooch, join others who have a ‘Richard Parker’ to deal with at Jayne’s clicker-based dog training course.