Canine Conundrums


How many of you adopted a puppy over the holidays? If you did, it certainly is a wonderful new beginning for you. A time for the growth of a new relationship, that will bring you much joy for many years to come. A new puppy needs commitment, a lot of hard work and gives you a heap of fun while you work.

Like children, puppies need consistency and boundaries. A few years ago I was explaining to a young couple how to persuade their cute puppy, whom they had found in the Cedara plantation, not to sleep on their bed. The young man commented that it was similar to bringing up a child – how right he was!

A puppy needs to be taught right from wrong, what is allowed and what is not. This needs to be done gently and clearly. Prevent chewing of valuables by keeping them out of puppy’s reach until he has learnt that some things are for chewing and others are not. When you put your shoes on the floor for the first time, watch your pup and if he attempts to take them, take them away and give him one of his many toys. Yes, puppies need stimulation and that means different toys to interact with.

Your puppy needs to be taught what strange sounds, such as “sit”, “come”, “heel” mean. This is his training, which for a large dog should continue at least until he is a year and a half. He needs to be socialised as early as possible and taught how to deal with people and items he will meet throughout his life.

If you put in the time and effort when your puppy is young, and malleable you will enjoy a close easy relationship with your dog, filled with fun and happiness.