Canine Conundrums

Are We There Yet?

No we are not.  We all need to show greater compassion to our fellow man.  Look around you, listen to conversations and watch people interacting.  Listen to the conversations about dogs.  How many times does one hear this said?  “He’s the dominant dog” or “She’s trying to dominate her”


Dogs are not trying to dominate each other.  They may be playing in a certain way or vying for a resource.  In this particular competition, they will learn whether they are likely to win, whether it is worth trying to obtain what they want or if the other competitor is too strong or too confident.  Sometimes it is best to give up right from the get-go.  In other instances the resource is far too important to even consider giving up.

Dominance is not a canine, but a human concept and our dogs are certainly not trying to dominate us and do not need to be shown ‘who’s the boss’.  Dogs need to be trained to do as we ask and to have good habits.  Learn to read your dog’s signals and understand him better.  Give your canine companion compassion and patience.

The Dalai Llama says that ‘Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries and humanity cannot survive without them.’  If we can show compassion and kindness, everybody will be just a little happier than they are.

Watch your dog to see what he is telling you.  As you train him, play with and walk with him, he will teach you many things, enabling you to build the wonderful bond that has been experienced so often between man and dog.  Hopefully, as we walk along this path we can also learn to be more compassionate towards other animals and towards our fellow man.