Canine Conundrums

The 26th October, 2013 was a sad Saturday for Funda Nenja, as one of our dogs, Haley escaped from her yard, as dogs do when there is insufficient fencing. While she was running around, Haley was hit by a car and killed. She was the friend and playmate of Thobani Gasa, a Grade 9 pupil at Injoloba Secondary School in Howick and one of the Funda Nenja Demo Team.

Haley had been with Thobani since she was two months old and they joined Funda Nenja soon after its inception, when Haley was a cute eight-month-old puppy.

Haley snuggled inside the family home with Thobani when the weather was cold or wet and relaxed outside in the garden on warm days and balmy evenings.

Haley’s favourite games were Catch and Hide-n-Seek and she loved jumping in our agility lessons. There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for Thobani. But Thobani tells me she didn’t like doing the circles or weaving as much as standing up with her paws on his thigh or giving him a high five. She loved doing ‘roll-overs’ and when she wanted to get Thobani’s attention she would often try a few of these.

Recently, she was a star at the God’s Little Lambs Nursery School, which we visited to show these little people that not all dogs need to be feared. The Funda Nenja Demo Team explained how to care for a dog. At the end Thobani invited children to come forward and shake hands with Haley, who was a real little lady and sat shaking hands over and over.

Thobani and Haley were often seen walking the streets of Mpophomeni on their way to visit Thobani’s best friend, Bheko Ngubo, and Haley’s sister, Smoothies.

We thank Thobani for his help with classes and we send him our love and sympathy at this sad time.

Haley enjoying jumping with Thobani2

Haley waiting patiently while Thobane talks to 'God's Little Lambs'2