Canine Condundrums – Nala’s Story

Nala was about six months old when I met her and was mouthy and in the habit of jumping up. She needed basic training. Soon after I met her, she had an unpleasant experience, which made her anxious and somewhat reactive to strange situations and strange objects. When she visited the vet, she reacted to being examined.

Training began. I began teaching her, among other things, to come when called, walk on a loose leash and to be cuddled. I saw Nala three times a week. We trained and did confidence building and self control exercises. Nala began to enjoy the training and I started taking her for vet visits once a week. At first she was would not walk into the practice. I marked and reinforced all positive behaviour as with her basic training and continued with this and confidence building exercises.

A year after I had met Nala, she had to go to the vet: She walked in like a regular visitor to a coffee shop. It was a locum vet and nurse, whom Nala did not know and who did not know her. The nurse put a muzzle on Nala as a precaution, but she was calm and as she walked out of the consult room shook off all her cares as if she was leaving them right there on the floor.

We were so very proud of her and the progress she had made.

Nala, I am so happy that your life has less stress and that you have grown into the beautiful dog you now are, who really only worries about where her family is and keeps a good eye on all members to ensure all are well and happy.

Thank you, Nala, for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

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