Builder Block – OPK!

OPK Sounds like a polite expression used on a building site following a brief but forceful interlude between a hammer and a thumb! It’s not actually, but let’s keep you in suspense for a while.

I love to learn! I was told that the minute you stop learning, you stop leading. Probably greater things too – like you are probably dead! But let’s not get morose. Funny thing though, many people believe that education beyond a tertiary education is unnecessary, that once we have the degree and photograph on the wall we can breathe a huge sigh of relief, get the job and then its happy days until retirement. Not I – I’m the kid who hated school and didn’t apply myself very well until I had had left the place, then realised I needed to catch up – which I feel I am still doing. Fortunately as a result of this, someone taught me about OPK, and that is how I ended up this morning in the presence of Karen and Brad from Tiara Publications: Marketing & Graphic Design where we paid for and learned a whole heap about the scary topic of selling. (Yes, a large portion of the population seems to have a phobia about selling. Ask around if you don’t believe me – it conjures up images of Kerby Vacuum Cleaner or Encyclopaedia door to door direct selling and associated images of being attacked across the kitchen table by a mutant ninja German Shepherd (sorry – got that out of Gerber’s E-Myth, a must read for every entrepreneur) or even worse – “What will my friends think of me as someone in pushy sales!”)

Well here’s what I learnt today – That we don’t have to push anything on anyone! Because we all (that’s anyone in business) are the means for people to get what they want!

Let me put it in another way. Why are you a potential Cost2Build client? Because either:
1) You have a problem that you don’t want (and we can fix it), Or
2) We can get you the result you want but don’t have
…and as I said in a previous article, applied knowledge is power! Do we have knowledge in our field as construction consultants and can we apply it? – Absolutely! That means power to you.

So let’s relieve you of your suspense – what is OPK?

It is the means to get what you want, from the people who have it. It is what Tiara Publications taught our team today and what we gladly paid for – OTHER PEOPLE’S KNOWLEDGE

Andy Wood Cost2Build: Construction Consultants and Management – “Building your Investment”
For information on Tiara Publications: 082 5532127

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